Sharing Abundance

CAPRI means goat and COPIA means lots of. We are sharing the abundance from our small fam by making goats milk soaps and natural skincare products.

Natural Goats Milk Soap & Beeswax Balms

We use fresh milk from our own goats and beeswax from our own bees. Natural, chemical free, simple ingredients.
This is a real, working farm, and all income goes into feeding & caring for our animals.
Cath the crazy goat lady with baby goats

Natural skincare

Preservative free natural skincare products made on Capri Copia Farm south of Busselton in the pristine Margaret River Region of Western Australia.

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What's the Smudge Difference?

  1. The milk comes from my own goats, so I know the quality
  2. I only use fresh milk (not powdered) keeping it natural
  3. It is the only goats milk soap made in the pristine Margaret River Region of WA which makes it special
  4. My soaps have the highest percentage of fresh goats milk in WA which makes it unique
  5. Using local olive oil, it is the only goat milk soap accredited as genuine Margaret River Produce
  6. It is handmade in small batches
  7. The pure soap only has 3 key ingredients making it mild and low-tox
  8. There are no artificial colours, fragrances or foamers like SLS
  9. I sell "bare bars" to reduce waste.
  10. I have designed a formula that works on hands, face, hair and body (and dog, laundry and kitchen) it is versatile, one bar to rule them all.

CAPRI COPIA (ka pree ko pee-a) FARM, meaning lots of goats, is home to Wiltshire Horn sheep, dairy and fibre goats.  It is the farm behind Smudge Goat Milk Soap, Puck & Dougal Wool and Tartan Dreaming handwoven Wool Products.

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Established in 2013

The first kids were born in 2013 and I started making soap in 2014.