What is Smudge?
Smudge was my first real dairy goat :-) All the first soaps I made were with her milk. I called her Smudge because it looked like her mascara had run in smudges down her face. She is half Saanen and half anglo-nubian which is why her ears stick out.

Do your soaps have any palm oil in them?
NO! Most commercial soaps use palm oil because it is cheap, but I only use coconut oil, local olive oil and (in liquid soaps only) sunflower oil.

My foamer pump is not working properly.
​Make sure the nozzle is clear
Unscrew top and make sure air chamber is not filled with water - which can happen in the shower. If it is just pull it out of bottle and pump air through to clear the tube and let it dry. Dilute the soap with a bit more water, if the liquid is too concentrated it will be hard to pump

How do I make refills from the paste?
Because goats milk varies throughout the year, depending on season and diet, the paste may vary so measurements are not exact. If it is too thick, add more water, if it is too thin add more paste :-) ​

For best results use rainwater, filtered water or distilled water, not chlorinated water.

For liquid soap or shampoo in a normal pump bottle use approximately 1 part paste to 1.5 water e.g. take 80g or paste and 120g of hot water.

For a foamer bottle use aproximately 1 part paste to 4 parts water e.g. 30g paste to 120g hot water.

The paste doesn't just dissolve like instant coffee, it will take up to 4 days to "sequester" so mix in a glass jug or pan. Using boiling water to start will help kick off the process and, if you can remember, stir it every day.