LOVE this stuff!! It has done wonders in the bath to help Mr 2.5’s eczema. xx
K.B. Busselton

We used your wonderful goats’ milk soap on my daughter’s face who suffers from severe acne, it worked wonders. Just wondering how I could buy more, how do we go about this as we live in Perth.
J.M. Perth

My grandson (just turned seven!) LOVES his Smudge soap. He is autistic and very sensitive to the smell and feel of everything and his 'goat' soap is what he loves most.
C.M. Margaret River

I purchased some of your liquid soap a couple of weeks ago while on holiday in Busselton and we love it. How can we purchase some more? We will not be down your way for months. We would also like some soap.
E.A. Perth

The soap is so rich; a little goes a long way.
R.W. Margaret River

Bless Smudge for her pure natural soaps and shampoos too. I buy this soap, because I know the goat that produced the milk and the lovely woman who made it, by hand, with love!!
F.H. Margaret River

We even used the soap on the dog and he is not itchy anymore.
D.S. Busselton

It is so moisturising that I don’t even have to buy hand cream any more.
T.P. Busselton

Best soap ever!
M.M. Boyup Brook

My partner goes through a bar every 2 weeks, It is the only soap that seems to agree with his skin. He gets very bad dermatitis from soaps that have fragrance. Y.A. Perth

I absolutely love the handwash, it is also great for my little grandies, it lasts for ages.
S.C. Busselton

It's made locally. It is pure. It feels good and makes my skin smoother (which is great for an oldie like me). It is a good price and lasts for a good while. There is a choice of different ones so something to suit everyone. What more would you want.
P.B Busselton

It’s a really good product.
L.C. Busselton

Smudge’s milk makes the best soap!
M. M. Busselton