Waste not, want not

Waste not, want not

We use these "soap pebbles" at home, made from the soap flakes I trim from each bar of soap before it is polished and put out for sale. 

Soap Shaver with shavings and bars

My parents grew up during World War II, and as a result of living with rationing, everything was saved, and a lot of language was used around being frugal.

As the economy slows, I am very grateful for these early life lessons.
Everything from wrapping paper, bits of string, and elastic bands were carefully sorted and packed away for future use. Water and energy were also saved.  As a result, I find it difficult to throw anything out and lean towards hoarding.

I used to save the bags of soap shavings, but now I just press them into these rough pebbles every time I trim soaps.

No perfectly formed bars of soap are used in this house, they are all saved for our customers.
soap pebbles made from soap trimmings

You can see the process in this video.


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