Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

With only 3 key ingredients in my natural goats-milk soaps, it was easy to design web icons to summarize key features like free from palm oil, sulfates, parabens and artificial fragrances.

It took a while to decide on an icon to show the love I have for my goats.  I can't say "not tested on animals", as I use many of them in their daily care.   

I wash their udders with some liquid soap in warm water before milking and developed the ACOBECO almond oil and beeswax balm as an unscented udder balm that was food safe for the kids (or me).  I also use the Pure Plantain balm on any skin issues.

Ironically in the week I decided on Cruelty Free, my horse almost popped my eye out, after he accidentally caught me on the cheekbone when tossing his head, and I was thrown into a commando roll over the fence after I grabbed the electric wire.  It seems I am the only one suffering here ;-D   

Luckily my right eye only "protruded" a bit as my eyelid snapped shut and I just squeaked it back in and my therapist was on site treating the horse so she saw the event and immediately treated my neck for whiplash.    As for the electric fence, I thought I had turned it off and climbed into the paddock (obviously between pulses) but got well and truly zapped on the way out.  





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