Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream

New Recipe for my Whipped Body Butter  

Last summer I made 2 different body butters, a floral whipped cream and a vegan body butter with Calendula and Chamomile infused oils and sunflower wax.  Both separated in the heat. 

Anhydrous Balms

I prefer to make anyhydrous balms (without water) so that no preservatives are required, but that brings other challenges.  To get a lighter texture, you have to incorporate air, but the air only stays in if you have the balance of butters and oils correct for your ambient temperature. 

My first attempts were fine in spring, but not so much in summer, they were not shelf stable when room temperatures went over 26C.

body butter product development

During a hot week in March I decided to work on my whipped cream body butter recipe.  I love the richness of this 3 butters recipe, and the light oils - apricot and grapeseed - and the arrowroot powder, stop it feeling greasy.

It has mango butter, cocoa butter, shea butter and beeswax, hence the name 4B Body Butter.  I have kept it as a firm blend to keep useage lower which will also make if feel lighter on the skin. 

 As with all anyhydrous balms, it is best applied to damp skin.

I might do a lighter version for winter if it gets too firm.

Seasonal production is a real advantage of being a #smallbatch skincare designer.

The first 4 scented with #LoveThisPlace Essential Oil Blends are available in the online store now.

4B Body Butter
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