capricopia farm

Done is Better than Perfect

As a procrastinator, I am the polar opposite of a perfectionist, but I heard this phrase when I was watching the "Getting Started with Shopify" course and it really resonated.

I came up with the name Capricopia for our farm in 2016 after someone shared a video of goats on the island of Capri. 

Capri is the latin name for goats and Copia translates as plenty or abundance, like in cornucopia.  After experiencing the joy of my first baby goats in 2013, I knew I was going to have lots of goats!

capricopia farm logo

I registered the domain name in 2016, trademarked it and registered as a business name in 2017. I had the logo designed by Renee Hall at Fat Red Bird Designs then did almost nothing with it except use it on my product labels, instagram and facebook.

I tried to link it to a website, but it was all too hard, so I just renewed the domain every 2 years until Shopify made it easy and finally, after 6 years, has come to life.






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