Chamomile, the ancient soother.

Chamomile, the ancient soother.

Chamomile illustration from the Physick Garden

My brother sent me the awesome "Physick Garden" Ancient Cures for Modern Maladies book. The illustrations are brilliant, this one is showing chamomile is one of the herbs safe for young children.

I am growing over 20 of the 85 herbs listed and learning which to plant next. 

Along with Plantain, Chamomile was described in the Lacnunga a 10th century Anglo-Saxon collection of herbal remedies along with mugwort, nettle and fennel. The aromatic chemical compound chamazulene is useful for itchy skin conditions and eczema.  

Chamomile growing

Over summer, I have been picking and drying the chamomile to go with the chickweed I picked in winter for my CHACHI Chamomile and Chickweed skin balm, a natural skin soothing beeswax balm. 

This mild balm has no essential oils, so it is suitable for the most sensitive skins. It has reduced inflammation and itches associated with bites and rashes.


Ingredients: Chamomile and chickweed infused coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, beeswax, vitamin E.


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