Smudge Soap, accredited Margaret River Produce

Smudge Soap, accredited Margaret River Produce

Margaret River Produce™️

Smudge Soaps are the first to be accredited as authentic Margaret River Produce. This recognises that the majority of the ingredients - the goats milk and olive oil - are grown in the region, and the soaps are made on-farm.

I am thrilled that the work that goes into raising and milking goats, then value adding to produce something natural and useful, has been recognised.  Being on a dairy farm is a 7 day per week, 365 day per year commitment, and I have not left the farm for more than 10 hours since 2014.

I only started making soap in 2014 when my first real dairy goat Smudge started producing 4 litres of milk a day.  I could not bear to waste any of her beautiful milk, so I turned to soap making.  This year I am milking her daughter Lucky and her grand-daughter Coco and next year another grand-daughter Sinderella will continue the family tradition.

Capricopia Farm has been a member of the Margaret River Producers Association since 2016 and as a primary producer was eligible to apply for the the MRP Brand mark.  I applied in November 2022 and received my stickers and confirmation at the end of December.  


Smudge Goatsmilk Soap

The Margaret River Produce trademark recognises the provenance and quality of products from the pristine Margarer River Region in the Southwest of Western Australia.  It can only be applied to produce grown or made in the area.

Margaret River Produce Logo

Produce with this logo will be recognised as authentically grown and/or made produce from the Margaret River Region.  The logo references the shape of the Capes and the rivermouth as it enters the Indian Ocean, complete with its quirky little isthmus that produces the 'r' in the logo.  It was designed by Renee Hall at Fat Red Bird Designs in Busselton, who coincidentally also designed my farm logo. 


Lavender Rose Geranium Goats Milk Soap
Unscented goatsmilk soapLemony goatsmilk soap

Margaret River Producers Association 

The Margaret River Producers Association is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2001 by, and for, the region’s farmers and food producers.  It encourages and promotes purity and freshness in breeding, growing and manufacture of produce in the Margaret River Region. 

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